The Baliyano journey began as two Swedish designers wanted to balance the Scandinavian liestyle, known for its diligent and structured ways, with a sense of freedom and harmonious ambience to remind people about the here and now rather than stress about tomorrow.

With their extensive insights to the gem industry combined with vast knowledge of fashion and worldly travels, the designers realised they would need to utilize external means to influence the Scandinavian lifestyle through this internal change.

The designers created a design that would evoke a sense of freedom with a focus on essential values while eleminating the rest. A concept of harmony entwined with a subtle elegance to suit the Scandinavian lifestyle. The outcome was a sophisticated Swedish design infused with warm and harmonious tones placed as high-end fashion pieces.

To materialize their vision the duo travelled to Bali, well-known for its creative artisians, in search of immensly skilled craftsmen who could capture their design while adding a warm touch of Balinese culture to the strong Swedish design. No easy task to say the least.

After months of searching, they finally came across a unique family of jewellery manufactures who managed to turn their vision into a reality. The results were breathtaking.

Using exclusive stones and exquisite gems, the concept of Baliyano came to life in the form of elegant yet warm jewellry, complimenting a lifestyle of success while experiencing an inner freedom. With its balanced design, Baliyano reminds its weareres to think about the value of today, to take a breath and just let go of time for a while.